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    How Sleep Apnea Can Affect You

    Last updated 7 hours 3 minutes ago

    There are many types of sleep disorders, one of which is sleep apnea. This condition is characterized by the periodic cessation and resumption of breathing during sleep. This causes the patient to briefly wake from sleep, interrupting the sleep cycle. If you have sleep apnea, you could be waking up from sleep dozens or even hundreds of times during the night. Sleep apnea can affect you in a number of ways, which is one reason why it’s critical to get help at your local hospital. Your community hospital may employ specialists in sleep medicine who can help you manage your condition.

    Cardiovascular Problems

    Sleep apnea causes abrupt decreases in blood oxygen levels. This can lead to increased blood pressure and places excessive strain on the cardiovascular system. Individuals with sleep apnea are at a greater risk of developing high blood pressure, which in turn can lead to other medical problems. If you have heart disease, sleep apnea can increase the risk of sudden death because of a cardiac issue. Additionally, sleep apnea places you at a heightened risk of stroke, congestive heart failure, and atrial fibrillation.

    Surgery Complications

    If you’re anticipating undergoing surgery with general anesthesia, it’s critical to inform the surgery team at the hospital if you have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can increase the risk of breathing problems while under general anesthesia.

    Liver Problems

    After being diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may wish to ask your physician if you should have a liver function test. Those with sleep apnea may be more likely to have abnormal liver function results. Additionally, you could be at a greater risk of developing scarring of the liver.

    Sleep apnea is just one of the many sleep disorders we can diagnose and treat at The Sleep Center at Blake Medical Center in Bradenton, FL. Residents throughout Manatee County are encouraged to visit our website to learn more about our healthcare services, including trauma care, cancer care, and emergency services. You can also connect with our Consult-A-Nurse referral line by calling (888) 767-5071.

    Fast Breakfast and Lunch Ideas for People with Diabetes

    Last updated 7 days ago

    When you have diabetes, finding healthy meals to eat on the go isn’t always easy. Smoothies may be a tempting choice, but most are packed with sugar that can send your blood glucose level soaring. In this video, learn how to make fast smoothies that are diabetes-friendly so you can eat on the run.

    You’ll learn how to make two smoothies in the video—one for breakfast and one for lunch. Both recipes contain a good balance of carbohydrates and proteins from natural ingredients. These meals will keep you satisfied without making your glucose spike.

    If you need help with diabetes management, attend one of Blake Medical Center’s comprehensive diabetes education classes. Find out how to register for a diabetes class or learn about the other services at our Bradenton, FL hospital by calling (888) 767-5071. 

    Busting Myths about the Flu Shot

    Last updated 14 days ago

    The flu sends many people to the hospital emergency room each year, and it can even be deadly, especially if you have a chronic illness.  The flu shot is one of the most powerful weapons available in the fight against the flu, but myths about the vaccine keep many people from getting it. Are concerns about the flu shot giving you pause about getting vaccinated? Consider these facts behind some common myths.

    Myth: The Flu Shot Can Give You the Flu

    It is impossible to catch the flu from getting a flu shot. The shot uses an inactive form of the virus, so it cannot cause infection. You may know people who say they got sick after getting the flu shot. In these circumstances, one of two things likely occurred. First, he or she may have come down with an unrelated cold by coincidence. Second, because the shot takes a week or two to be effective, it is possible that he or she caught the flu in the interim—but that infection was not caused by the shot itself.

    Myth: You Shouldn’t Get a Flu Shot After November

    It’s always best to get a flu shot as early as possible during the flu season, especially if you are a member of a high-risk group and may need hospital care if you catch the virus. However, as long as the flu is circulating, the flu shot can help. The flu is seen as late as May in some years, so it’s never too late to get protected.

    Myth: You Only Have to Get a Flu Shot Once

    You need an annual flu shot to get protection. Because the flu virus changes each year, annual vaccines give you the best protection against the current threat. The vaccine is updated each year for effectiveness.

    If the flu does strike, get urgent treatment when you need it in the emergency room at Blake Medical Center. Our Bradenton, FL hospital’s emergency room and Level II trauma center are prepared to offer treatment for a range of medical crises. Call us now at (888) 767-5071 for more information about how our hospital can help you meet your healthcare needs.


    A Look at Our Cancer Education and Support Services

    Last updated 21 days ago

    At Blake Medical Center, we understand how overwhelming a cancer diagnosis can be for the patient and his or her loved ones. We also recognize that fighting cancer is a process that doesn’t end with a single treatment or milestone. That is why our accredited oncology department provides a range of educational and support services to help you through your cancer journey.

    Each week, we host the Caring Friends Support Group for people facing cancer, along with their family and friends. Meet with others who are facing the same battles as you to get advice and the support you need. We also offer lymphedema education classes to help patients who are battling this frustrating side effect of cancer treatment learn how to manage their condition. In addition, we provide exercise classes, belly dancing classes and Yoga for breast cancer patients and survivors.

    The oncology team at Blake Medical Center also host monthly Lunch & Learn sessions, where you can hear directly from medical professionals about topics related to cancer treatment and recovery. For more information about class schedules and our cancer treatments, call our Manatee County hospital at (888) 359-3552.

    What Tests Are Used to Screen for Colon Cancer?

    Last updated 28 days ago

    Colon cancer screening tests are important tools for catching this disease in its early stages. Doctors can use a few different types of tests to screen for colon cancer and will choose the right one for you by considering a number of different factors, including your symptoms and medical history.

    Watch this video to learn about two different kinds of colon cancer screenings—the fecal occult blood test and the fecal immunochemical test. These non-invasive screenings look for blood in your stool, which can be an indicator of colon cancer. An abnormal result on these tests may indicate a need for more invasive screenings, such as a colonoscopy.

    The oncology department at Blake Medical Center offers care for a variety of cancers. You can learn more about our Manatee County cancer care services by visiting our website or calling us at (888) 767-5071.

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